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Our Packages


  • 30 Sec video + Script + BackGround  Music + logo (optional)
$50 per 30 Seconds (Start)


  • 60 Sec moderate quality animation (HD 1080p)
  • Voice over recording

  • Background music

  • Logo(optional)

  • Script


$160 per Min  (Start)
  • 60 Sec high quality animation (HD 1080p)
  • Voice over recording

  • Background music

  • Logo(optional)

  • Script

$120  per Min (Start)

eLearning Video Services

Ant Animation Studios offers high-end services in e-learning video services to make your learning interactive and impactful. e-learning videos are, in a nutshell, videos that can educate your audience. They are usually 2-4 minutes long (or more) and revolve around your audience’s specific pain points, and provide valuable information that helps them understand the solution. Character animation videos are not only fun to watch but they explain your business, product, or service in a better, more engaging way.

eLearning Video

In today's world, eLearning isn't only for the classroom anymore. Having the ability to study whenever and wherever you choose is essential for today's learners. Good news for firms that may save a lot of money and time by using eLearning video courses to provide their instructional material. Take advantage of our elearning video services if you want to take your online training to the next level. 

The production of elearning videos is becoming more popular, making it a potentially lucrative business for many organizations. Video training and e-learning films produced by Ant Animation, the leading elearning animation company, may help your team better and realize its potential. Custom audio visual communication may be developed by Ant Animation, whether it's for the debut of new technology or to sensitize the public to new ideas.


Complex subjects need more in-depth storytelling and more elaborate graphics. Our elearning animation company creates high-quality visual effects and designs that assist our clients' brands and keep learners engaged.


As part of your eLearning program, our films will assist keep your consumers, clients, and workers satisfied. These eLearning films will be designed to be seen on a variety of devices. We've been working in this industry for a long time, generating films tailored to the needs of our clients. Clients may choose from a broad variety of writing tools and content formats to meet their needs. You may always contact us for personalized, adaptable, and localized material for your company.


Why use an eLearning video?

eLearning videos have several advantages. The following are some examples!



Using movies to convey ideas and concepts is a great way to keep students interested in the material. Moving visuals, audio, and text are all common components of a video. Multi-sensory learning occurs when a student uses more than one sense to absorb information while viewing an interactive video.



Everyone learns in a different way. Learning styles include auditory, kinesthetic, and visual. Auditory learners prefer to learn by hearing, kinesthetic learners prefer to learn by doing, and visual learners prefer to remember knowledge better when visuals and videos are used to illustrate ideas and concepts.



If a video is kept short and light by elearning video services providers, it may be seen on a variety of devices with various internet rates. Using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device, students may watch videos from wherever they have an internet connection.

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