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Our Packages


  • 30 Sec video + Script + Background  Music + logo (optional)


  • 30 Sec moderate quality animation (HD 1080p)
  • Voice over recording

  • Background music

  • Logo(optional)

  • Script

$50 per 30 Seconds (Start)
$70 per 30 Seconds (Start)


  • 30 Sec high quality animation (HD 1080p)
  • Voice over recording

  • Background music

  • Logo(optional)

  • Script

$80 per 30 Seconds (Start)

Whiteboard Video Company

Ant Animation Studios offers high-end services in whiteboard animation videos. With the vision of delivering extraordinary whiteboard animation services to make your business stand out the crowd. Whiteboard video allows you to transform complicated topics into enjoyable, easy-to-remember, charming videos that help you generate leads, brand awareness,

and conversions! These videos have become a synonym of creativity with their white backgrounds, drawing hand, and 

black-lined animations.

White Board Animation Video

This is the whiteboard video company You've Been Looking For!

Looking for an animated video to help you explain your idea, product, or service?  It is our goal to provide stories that will help your company flourish as an animation studio. At a price that works for you, of course.


We Offer the best whiteboard animation services in the Business.


The usage of whiteboard animation in marketing campaigns is on the rise.


How is it that our whiteboard animation company is regarded as one of the finest in the city?

We can say with certainty that we are the best! If you're in the market for a whiteboard video production company, go no further than

Ant Animation. Customers from all around the world rely on our whiteboard animation services since our start. We work with a broad spectrum of businesses, from small startups to huge enterprises, as well as digital marketing agencies.


Our Whiteboard Videos Are Definitely Worth a View!


Organizations may benefit from our whiteboard video company  for a wide range of reasons. It's clear that viewing it is entertaining. In addition, this is a great method to make your audience laugh in your video. For one thing, you don't have to pay actors or rent equipment for the film. Whiteboard animated animations are also easier for viewers to recall. A story's telling process has never been easier. We simplify complex ideas so that everyone may grasp them.


Whiteboard animation is much more successful when it comes to explaining a complex idea or topic. When you need to show a complicated product or idea, a whiteboard comes in helpful. They're also not boring at all. Viewing whiteboard videos is much more fascinating and engaging than watching any other kind of video.


Using a whiteboard animation movie to explain a new business idea is a great way to make your message more powerful than ever before.


Why would you use whiteboard animation in a video?


Accurately convey the complexity of a subject

Whiteboard animations are an effective way to break down even the most complex subject into manageable chunks. Interactive images and music or audio explanations help your target audience better grasp your message.


Attract and Maintain the Interest of Your Audience

Storytelling using hand-drawn images by best whiteboard animation services keeps audiences engaged.


Enhanced Capability to Spread Through Social Media

Videos are the most frequently shared format on social media. People are more likely to recall your brand if you use Whiteboards videos.


Optimize Your Website's Search Engine Ranking

Whiteboard videos help you establish your expertise on a topic and boost your search engine rankings.


Quick and Efficiently Created

A series of whiteboard movies, as opposed to other forms of animation, may be produced quickly and cheaply.

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